IPROCH (Institute for Promotion and Research on Odisha Culture and Heritage) is a registered society devoted to, as its name suggests, the promotion of Odia culture and heritage. The society is promoted by a group of like minded Odias, who believe that Odisha’s culture and heritage has not received the attention and the appreciation that it richly deserves. Thus it becomes imperative to make all attempts to project and promote the culture and heritage of this ancient land for the benefit of a larger national / international audience as well as the Odia Diaspora at Delhi and other places.


ROOTS OF ODISHA FOUNDATION aims to harness the creative potentials of diverse range of people within Odisha and diaspora towards the growth and inclusive development of Odisha.


    To connect to all its roots and create a pillar force for the cause and concerns of Odisha and provide solutions for bringing rapid development

    To work upon the capacity building of people starting from most marginalised section in the areas of
    Education, Healthcare, Arts, culture.

    To Work in promoting the tourism, art, culture and heritage

    To create a knowledge network among Odia and Odia diasporas which will help in providing fresh perspective to Odisha’s development

    To engage the Odia knowledge network and harness their potential at various levels
    To Work for protecting the Nature and environment and make Odisha a Green State by 2035 and creating a path for sustainable development

    To work in promoting skill based education, healthcare women empowerment.