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What is the objective of this event?

Odisha has a history of rich heritage , culture and beauty. The sate has a strong coastal belt on the North and east and the beatiful Greenary on the west and south. The Puri and Konark as a tourist destination offer the view of the casurian jungle on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other side. with the Puri Temple on one end and the Konark (Sun) Temple on the other it offers highest ground for religious and spiritual tourism. Besides the Largest Salt Lake Chilika within stretch the nearby Satapada offers the Dolphin sanctuay. The event is aimed to proomote ecotourism and the benefits of cycling nevertheless to show our planetary care to save environment.

Is there any registration?

Yes, participants are encouraged to make prior registration. The participants can go to the website of rootsofodishafoundation.com and register themselves with simple details.

What is the timing of the event?

The event is likely to start with a masal (Light) march from the Jagannath Temple at early morning. This is scheduled to reach Konark at 7:30. Cyclothon will start from Konark to Puri at 8 am.

Who can attend the event?

Anyone with the ability to do cycling can attend. The event is not a race or fierce competition. Anyone who participates is a winner. The organisor do not restrict any cyclist participating in the event provided he/she has registered and complies with a basic safety standard such as helmet, shoes, gloves etc.

Is there any participation fees?

Yes, participants on payment of applicable fees will be entitled to a branded T-Shirts, Health Drink, Snacks and Participation certificate from the organizer. In certain meritorious cases , stature of specific participants, Organizers can waive the participation fees either in full or part at their sole discretion.

What is the carriage for the participants?

The participants are expected to carry their own cycle duly checked. Safety helmet, shoes, Gloves are mandatory

What will the organizer provide?

The organizer will provide the transportation facilities from Bhubaneswar, T-shirts, Health Drink, Snacks


Anyone can participate


ROOTS OF ODISHA FOUNDATION aims to harness the creative potentials of diverse range of people within Odisha and diaspora towards the growth and inclusive development of Odisha.